Hatsuno Sei x Ooya Hiroko Dialogue Part 3: What’s next for HaruChika?

What's next for HaruChika?
What’s next for HaruChika?

This is the third and last part of the dialogue between HaruChika author Hatsuno Sei and book reviewer Ooya Hiroko. The author talks about the use of social minorities in his works and the next developments in HaruChika. Translated from the article at honto.jp on March 30, 2016.

Longing for an utopia filled with heavy themes

Ooya: HaruChika is a humor mystery which can make you laugh out loud, however, it continues to handle heavy themes such as illness, the elderly and disabilities quite a lot.

Hatsuno: It doesn’t mean they’re “pitiful” just because of that. I hate looking down on them and being satisfied with the status quo. So I write them without that kind of impression. In “Frequency: 77.4 MHz” (included in First Love Sommelier), didn’t the elderly men and women seem like they were having fun? Those people live doing as they please, and don’t involve young people with suspicious philosophical views. Instead of that, they take a philosophic views that make you laugh.

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Hatsuno Sei x Ooya Hiroko Dialogue Part 2: One Foot into Fantasy

First Love Sommelier
First Love Sommelier

The second part of the dialogue between HaruChika author Hatsuno Sei and book reviewer Ooya Hiroko on the fantasy elements in HaruChika and his other works. Translated from the article at honto.jp on March 30, 2016.

HaruChika has one leg in fantasy, doesn’t it?

Ooya: Hatsuno-san. In 2002 you debuted with “Mizu no Tokei”(Water Clock), which was modeled after Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale “The Happy Prince”, and won the 22nd Yokomizo Seishi Mystery Prize. After that you wrote dark fantasy mysteries for a while. For that reason the comedic youth orthodox mystery in “HaruChika” in 2008 surprised me. It was completely different from what you had written until then.

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Hatsuno Sei x Ooya Hiroko Dialogue Part 1: HaruChika Anime Adaptation

Thie first part of a translation of a dialogue between HaruChika author Hatsuno Sei and book reviewer Ooya Hiroko on the HaruChika anime adaptation and the novels. Originally posted at honto.jp on March 30, 2016.

Talking with that person about books – 6: Hatsuno Sei x Ooya Hiroko (2016/03/20)

HaruChika Anime Adaptation
Special Book Wrapper with an illustration of the HaruChika Anime Adaptation

In this corner book reviewer Ooya Hiroko talks with writers she wants to talk to. The sixth guest is Hatsuno Sei-san, who is in the midst of breaking out. His series “HaruChika” received an anime adaptation. She asked plenty of questions about HaruChika: from the original author’s impressions of the anime he watched until what happens to HaruChika hereafter.

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HaruChika Movie Comments

Kanna Hashimoto and Shori Sato
HaruChika Movie Comments

A translation of the comments on the upcoming HaruChika movie (2017) by main leads Satou Shouri and Hashimoto Kanna, original author Hatsuno Sei, director Ichii Masahide, and Kadokawa producer Imayasu Reiko.

Satou Shouri (Sexy Zone)

Kamijou Haruta’s actor

How did you feel when you were cast in the main role of Kamijou Haruta?

My heart danced out of happiness when I heard that I would play the lead role. That night I ran to the nearest bookstore and bought the original HaruChika series.

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HaruChika Author Talks About the Anime

A translation of an article originally published at Mantan-Web.jp on December 5, 2015 prior to the broadcasting of the HaruChika anime.

HaruChika Author Hatsuno Sei talks about the anime adaptation, his mystery novel, and Satomi Hakkenden influences

HaruChika Anime
HaruChika series author Hatsuno Sei

The anime adaptation of Hatsuno Sei-san’s mystery novel HaruChika series (Kadokawa) will start from January 2016. Other than those who are of the same age as the high school protagonists, the original work is also popular with fans in their 40s and 50s. The work is gathering attention in advance of the broadcast. We asked original author Hatsuno-san about his thoughts on the anime and his own writing.

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