Hatsuno Sei x Ooya Hiroko Dialogue Part 2: One Foot into Fantasy

First Love Sommelier
First Love Sommelier

The second part of the dialogue between HaruChika author Hatsuno Sei and book reviewer Ooya Hiroko on the fantasy elements in HaruChika and his other works. Translated from the article at honto.jp on March 30, 2016.

HaruChika has one leg in fantasy, doesn’t it?

Ooya: Hatsuno-san. In 2002 you debuted with “Mizu no Tokei”(Water Clock), which was modeled after Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale “The Happy Prince”, and won the 22nd Yokomizo Seishi Mystery Prize. After that you wrote dark fantasy mysteries for a while. For that reason the comedic youth orthodox mystery in “HaruChika” in 2008 surprised me. It was completely different from what you had written until then.

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