Ghost Hunt Manga: Inada Shiho x Ono Fuyumi Dialogue

Inada Shiho completed the Ghost Hunt manga prior to the reprint of Ono Fuyumi’s novel series. Magazine Da Vinci conducted this interview with both creators in commemoration of the last volume’s publication. This marks the last translation of Da Vinci’s 2010 special Ghost Hunt reprint feature. At the end of this post I added links to some additional scans and readers’ columns.

Inada Shiho and Ono Fuyumi
Inada Shiho and Ono Fuyumi

Inada Shiho x Ono Fuyumi

Congratulations! Celebrating the completion of the Ghost Hunt comic’s 12th volume.

The Ghost Hunt manga, which was started 6 years after the conclusion of the original work by Inada Shiho-san, finally published its last volume 12 years after the beginning of its serialization. As a substitute to the difficult-to-obtain original work, the comic edition became burdened as the figurehead of the series. In commemoration of its completion, a dialogue takes place between Ono Fuyumi-san and Inada Shiho-san who share a deep friendship in the workplace as well as in private. This pair are having a dialogue in a magazine for the very first time; what kind of behind-the-scenes stories will they reveal!?

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Ono Fuyumi Long Interview Part 3: Rewriting Ghost Hunt

This is the last part of the interview with Ono Fuyumi from Da Vinci‘s December 2010 issue, in which Ono talks about rewriting the original Ghost Hunt series. Please go to part one “The Ghost Hunt Series Reprint” to read the interview from the beginning.

Ono Fuyumi on rewriting Ghost Hunt.

Now it’s 2010. Approximately 18 years have passed since the completion of the series, and Shibuya Psychic Research returns in front of us. Though the fully rewritten edition keeps the atmosphere of the old series, it will also be able to put up with the aesthetic senses of adult readers. It will be finished into a long horror novel of extremely high quality.

Of course, I altered the writing style, but the vignettes and the composition were changed quite a bit as well. Due to the circumstances with the pages back in the day, I was only able to change the story once. In principle, the story should have been made to change once or twice. This time, I was finally able to write it how it should have been.

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Ono Fuyumi Long Interview Part 2: The Rules for Writing Girls’ Novels

This is the second part of the interview with Ono Fuyumi from Da Vinci‘s December 2010 issue. Ono discusses the rules and restrictions she encountered at the time of writing the original Ghost Hunt series. Please go to part one “The Ghost Hunt Series Reprint” to read the interview from the beginning.

Ono Fuyumi
Left: The galley proofs of the Ghost Hunt series and her favorite Japanese language dictionary. Right: The state of her work desk. It is decorated with a colored paper signed by mangaka Nagai Gou.

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Ono Fuyumi Long Interview Part 1: The Ghost Hunt Series Reprint

This interview with Ono Fuyumi is part of the Ghost Hunt Reprint Commemoration Special Feature. It was printed in the December 2010 issue of the Da Vinci magazine. The interview also includes some photographs of the author herself and her house. I divided the translation up into three parts. In the first part Ono talks about the reasons for the Ghost Hunt series reprint, and the origin of original series.

Ono Fuyumi Long Interview

Ono Fuyumi, author of Ghost Hunt

Timeless edition! The Ghost Hunt series Reprint Commemoration

The reprint of the Ghost Hunt series, long-awaited for by many fans, is about to turn into reality at last. Why did author Ono Fuyumi-san make up her mind about the reprint of the series just now? What are the differences between the old edition and the rewrite? This is a long interview in which we courageously asked about her memories at the time of the series’ creation, and her feelings on putting out the reprint. A large number of valuable remarks are revealed for the first time: a timeless edition!

I was confident that scary things are fun.

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Ghost Hunt Chronicle: A 20 Year Chronology

The following table from the December 2010 issue of Da Vinci captures the chronology of the Ghost Hunt series and some real life events. I have translated this along with a short introduction which accompanied the chronological table.

Ghost Hunt Chronology

Ghost Hunt Chronicle: Closing in on the Charms of the Series!

Since the publication of the series’ first volume Are there really lots of Evil Spirits!?, Ono Fuyumi’s horror masterpiece the Ghost Hunt series continued to captivate readers over a span of 20 years. First of all, let’s look back once again at its history along with the related chronology. The reason why the Ghost Hunt series is eternally loved across generations, should come to the surface from there.

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