Ghibli Exhibition at Roppongi Hills

Ghibli exhibition
The Ghibli Exhibition: Close Up

Studio Ghibli’s movies have long fascinated me. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to get tickets for the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka during our time in Tokyo.  Instead, we had the luck of visiting Japan while the Ghibli Exhibition in Roppongi Hills was going on. Not only the exhibition was well worth the price,  but the sight from the top of the Mori Tower itself was absolutely worth the everything. I will keep this review short and sweet as the exhibition is best experienced as it is.

Ghibli Exhibition ~ From Nausicaa to latest work, The Red Turtle ~

The exhibition is open from July 7, 2016 until September 11, 2016. This means that there are a few weeks left for a chance to visit the exhibit!  We went there on July 20  sometime later in the evening. The opening hours are from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm, with the last admission being 9:30 pm.

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HaruChika Movie Comments

Kanna Hashimoto and Shori Sato
HaruChika Movie Comments

A translation of the comments on the upcoming HaruChika movie (2017) by main leads Satou Shouri and Hashimoto Kanna, original author Hatsuno Sei, director Ichii Masahide, and Kadokawa producer Imayasu Reiko.

Satou Shouri (Sexy Zone)

Kamijou Haruta’s actor

How did you feel when you were cast in the main role of Kamijou Haruta?

My heart danced out of happiness when I heard that I would play the lead role. That night I ran to the nearest bookstore and bought the original HaruChika series.

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HaruChika Anime: Casting the Voice Actors

haruchika anime
The three main characters of the Haruchika anime.

Here is a partial translation of the HaruChika anime interview with the Director Hashimoto Masakazu and Producer Tsuji Mitsuhito, which was published on on December 31, 2015. This part of the interview covers the casting decisions of the main characters of the HaruChika anime. The reasons why they chose Hanae Natsuki for the teacher are especially interesting.Continue reading“HaruChika Anime: Casting the Voice Actors”

HaruChika Author Talks About the Anime

A translation of an article originally published at on December 5, 2015 prior to the broadcasting of the HaruChika anime.

HaruChika Author Hatsuno Sei talks about the anime adaptation, his mystery novel, and Satomi Hakkenden influences

HaruChika Anime
HaruChika series author Hatsuno Sei

The anime adaptation of Hatsuno Sei-san’s mystery novel HaruChika series (Kadokawa) will start from January 2016. Other than those who are of the same age as the high school protagonists, the original work is also popular with fans in their 40s and 50s. The work is gathering attention in advance of the broadcast. We asked original author Hatsuno-san about his thoughts on the anime and his own writing.

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Ghost Hunt Live Action Movie: Did It Get Axed?

A movie adapting Ghost Hunt, otherwise known as the Evil Spirits series, was announced in late 2013. The Evil Spirits series is a popular girls’ horror mystery novel series by Ono Fuyumi, which was adapted into a manga and anime. Unfortunately, more than two years have passed since the announcement of the Ghost Hunt live action movie. And yet, there is still no sign or news of any further development. Could the movie be stuck in development hell?

Ghost Hunt Live Action Movie
Taniyama Mai and Shibuya Kazuya a.k.a. Naru

To put things into perspective I wrote a recap of all that has happened (or has not happened) until this point. I previously wrote about it on a personal blog, but I decided to turn it into a proper article on this blog for archival purposes.

Ghost Hunt Live Action Movie Announcement

Ghost Hunt Live Action movie
Mai and Naru (Akuryou ga Honto ni ippai! cover)

November 5, 2013. An exclusive interview with Yamaguchi Yoshitaka (director of Samurai Cat and Arcana) by Horror Society hinted at a live action movie adaptation produced by Twins Japan with Akiko Maya Egami a.k.a. Maya Fukuzawa in the lead role. The movie is “based on a manga”, from a novel written by a woman before 2000 and “frightening and romantic at the same time”.

On the same day two articles, respectively published by Screen Daily and Bloody Disgusting, confirmed the production of a Ghost Hunt live action movie directed by Yamaguchi Yoshitaka and “set to go into production next month” as announced by Twins Japan and Kadokawa Shoten. The screenplay was to be written by Shimoda Atsuyuki (Pulse, Cure and Séance) and Oikawa Shoutarou (Arcana). Shinichiro Inoue would serve as the executive producer with Adrian Chaw as the co-executive producer. In addition to Maya Fukuzawa in the role of Taniyama Mai, two other actors were confirmed to have roles. Namely, Yamamoto Mizuki as Hara Masako, and Kawamura Yousuke as Takigawa Houshou.

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