Ghost Hunt Chronicle: A 20 Year Chronology

The following table from the December 2010 issue of Da Vinci captures the chronology of the Ghost Hunt series and some real life events. I have translated this along with a short introduction which accompanied the chronological table.

Ghost Hunt Chronology

Ghost Hunt Chronicle: Closing in on the Charms of the Series!

Since the publication of the series’ first volume Are there really lots of Evil Spirits!?, Ono Fuyumi’s horror masterpiece the Ghost Hunt series continued to captivate readers over a span of 20 years. First of all, let’s look back once again at its history along with the related chronology. The reason why the Ghost Hunt series is eternally loved across generations, should come to the surface from there.

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The Historical Context and Significance of The Evil Spirits Series

Ten years have already passed since the Ghost Hunt anime aired on Japanese television. It marked the beginning of its popularity in the international anime scene. In celebration of this anniversary, Story Unlocker turns the spotlight on Ghost Hunt, also known as the Evil Spirits series.

Mai and Naru (Shibuya Kazuya)Mai and Naru (Shibuya Kazuya)
An illustration by mangaka Inada Shiho of Mai and Naru, the main characters of the Ghost Hunt/Evil Spirits series.

The Ghost Hunt anime partially adapted the manga illustrated by Inada Shiho. Inada Shiho went on to adapt the entire Evil Spirits series by Ono Fuyumi. In 2016 she completed the manga adaptation of the sequel to the Evil Spirits series: Akumu no Sumu Ie. In the meanwhile, Ono Fuyumi took it upon herself to rewrite her debut novel series. Media Factory published the rewrite of the Evil Spirits series in 2010 and 2011.

In light of the rewrite, magazines like Da Vinci and Yuu featured several interviews and articles on Ghost Hunt. The December 2010 issue of Da Vinci celebrated the first rewritten volume of the Evil Spirit series with a special feature. The feature begins with a preface by Higashi Masao, an expert in horror and ghost stories criticism. In this short contribution, he highlights the historical context of the Evil Spirit series.

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Ghost Hunt Live Action Movie: Did It Get Axed?

A movie adapting Ghost Hunt, otherwise known as the Evil Spirits series, was announced in late 2013. The Evil Spirits series is a popular girls’ horror mystery novel series by Ono Fuyumi, which was adapted into a manga and anime. Unfortunately, more than two years have passed since the announcement of the Ghost Hunt live action movie. And yet, there is still no sign or news of any further development. Could the movie be stuck in development hell?

Ghost Hunt Live Action Movie
Taniyama Mai and Shibuya Kazuya a.k.a. Naru

To put things into perspective I wrote a recap of all that has happened (or has not happened) until this point. I previously wrote about it on a personal blog, but I decided to turn it into a proper article on this blog for archival purposes.

Ghost Hunt Live Action Movie Announcement

Ghost Hunt Live Action movie
Mai and Naru (Akuryou ga Honto ni ippai! cover)

November 5, 2013. An exclusive interview with Yamaguchi Yoshitaka (director of Samurai Cat and Arcana) by Horror Society hinted at a live action movie adaptation produced by Twins Japan with Akiko Maya Egami a.k.a. Maya Fukuzawa in the lead role. The movie is “based on a manga”, from a novel written by a woman before 2000 and “frightening and romantic at the same time”.

On the same day two articles, respectively published by Screen Daily and Bloody Disgusting, confirmed the production of a Ghost Hunt live action movie directed by Yamaguchi Yoshitaka and “set to go into production next month” as announced by Twins Japan and Kadokawa Shoten. The screenplay was to be written by Shimoda Atsuyuki (Pulse, Cure and Séance) and Oikawa Shoutarou (Arcana). Shinichiro Inoue would serve as the executive producer with Adrian Chaw as the co-executive producer. In addition to Maya Fukuzawa in the role of Taniyama Mai, two other actors were confirmed to have roles. Namely, Yamamoto Mizuki as Hara Masako, and Kawamura Yousuke as Takigawa Houshou.

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