A Look into Yanagi Kouji’s Workspace

Two months ago I posted an interview with Yanagi Kouji on the Joker Game novel series. It goes deeper into the series’ latest installment “Last Waltz”. This post features a short interview on one of his stand-alone novels “Knight & Shadow”. However, it’s actually more about his lifestyle and cats… err, workspace.

Yanagi Kouji’s international strategy novel “Knight & Shadow” depicts the theme ‘first class man’

Yanagi Kouji and one of his cats
Yanagi Kouji and one of his cats

The paperback edition of Yanagi Kouji’s “Knight & Shadow” went on sale the other day. We conducted this interview around the time of the hardcover edition release (July 2014).

“My hobby is moving residences,” Yanagi Kouji-san said. His current house is the sixth one since his debut thirteen years ago. “I only work at home, so when I reach a dead end, I move houses and refresh my mood.”

He loves reading so much that he says: “I cannot live without reading books. If there are books at my workplace, I read them against my better judgment and end up not doing my work.” Because of this he puts all of his books in an archive, with the exception of books for reference. His book collection is a careful selection of approximately 3,000 books of which Yanagi says he “repeatedly reads in particular”. That point “books which may be read any number of times” is certainly also an aim for him as a writer.

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Joker Game Author Yanagi Kouji Interview: “Last Waltz”

A translated interview with Joker Game author Yanagi Kouji originally published on Shukan Bunshun Web (March 1, 2015). Shukan Bunshun Web conducted the interview a few months after the release of the fourth book in the novel series.

A first-rate spy mystery which pulls tricks on its readers

Last Waltz
Last Waltz, fourth book in the Joker Game Series

Yanagi Kouji-san published his latest work “Last Waltz” of the Joker Game series. The series sold a cumulative total of one million copies. In this book, the spies of the former Japanese army’s non-conformist “D-Agency” secretly maneuver all over the world once again.

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